Get ready for a riot of color!

For many years, Aartsen has been importing the tastiest fruit and vegetables Africa has to offer under the brand name MAMBA. Our current logo certainly catches the eye with its solid capitals and slick design, but we have given it an update. We are keeping the trademark capitals, but we’ve given our logo a colorful twist.


Striking color palette

For our restyled logo, we have put together a broad palette of colors that together express the spirit of MAMBA and Africa. Truly a riot of color! This new look makes MAMBA even more distinctive. Within this palette, every product group will have its own color. This will make each of the groups stand out more. Alongside is an overview of the color combinations we are going to use. When we add new product groups to the MAMBA range, we will obviously add further colors to the palette.


Launch in early 2022

Together with our MAMBA partners, we will roll out the new color palette gradually. We will obviously use up our current stock of MAMBA packaging before we start using the new colored boxes. However, we can already announce that the first products in the restyled packaging will be available early 2022.


Be prepared!