Avril '23

Magazine nonstopfresh


Le magazine nonstopfresh d'Aartsen permet de donner un visage à notre identité et à notre culture d’entreprise. Il contient des articles sur nos activités et le travail quotidien au sein de nos équipes et s’efforce d’apporter des informations ,notamment à propos de nos collaborateurs, de nos clients, des nouvelles marques de fruits et légumes ajoutées à notre assortiment . Nous essayons de l’enrichir autant que possible d'une foule d'autres sujets intéressants.

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Nonstopfresh and future proof


2023 promises to be a remarkable and busy year for Aartsen as the company is experiencing turbulent growth. The team knows the challenges ahead, and everyone is willing to chip in to fulfil our ambitions. We sat down with Jack Aartsen and the newly board of directors and discussed the company's future.

Growth in Italy


I travelled more than 10.000 km in the Aartsen Mini Cooper and visited over thirty partners. Before my trip, the only words I knew in Italian were cappuccino and pasta! Thankfully I took an extensive…

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Meet the quality of organic farming, Frezz


Organic and bioproducts are a relatively new category for Aartsen, which we want to explore with our private label Frezz. Frezz represents the world's most flavorful and iconic organic fruit and…

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