Février '21

Magazine nonstopfresh


Le magazine nonstopfresh d'Aartsen permet de donner un visage à notre identité et à notre culture d’entreprise. Il contient des articles sur nos activités et le travail quotidien au sein de nos équipes et s’efforce d’apporter des informations ,notamment à propos de nos collaborateurs, de nos clients, des nouvelles marques de fruits et légumes ajoutées à notre assortiment . Nous essayons de l’enrichir autant que possible d'une foule d'autres sujets intéressants.

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Zespri changes its distribution strategy for the Netherlands


Aartsen never underplays the importance of its partners. After all, they supply the quality products that set Aartsen apart from the competition. Aartsen will be welcoming a leading new supplier in 2021: Zespri. The brand is looking to expand its distribution strategy for the Netherlands, and Aartsen is set to play an important role in this process. Although everyone obviously knows the global brand by name, Zespri's Head of Sales for Europe, Sophie de Lantsheere, will be introducing 'her' company in detail to help you get to know the company more closely.

Aartsen's shining stars!


Mirror, mirror on the wall: who's the cleanest of them all? Aartsen is fresh in every possible sense. A clean shop floor, a fresh interior and tidy kitchens are the first steps on the road to success.…

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Mouth-watering fruit and vegetables


The inspiration for the new Aartsen brand Lipzz! The most tasty and beautiful fruit and vegetables are directly imported from South-America and Austrialia, where Aartsen works with the best growers.…

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