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nonstopfresh es una revista publicada por Aartsen que refleja nuestra identidad como empresa. Incluye artículos sobre las actividades cotidianas en Aartsen, sobre nuestro personal, clientes y sobre la introducción de nuevas marcas de Aartsen. En ella se tratan también toda clase de cuestiones interesantes de otro tipo.

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Typical Aartsen: high-quality interior 


At Aartsen, everyone is always striving to make things better. It is one of the reasons why Aartsen keeps growing year after year. The idea that things can be improved is, of course, also shared by Aartsen Asia in Hong Kong. As a result, this branch has already relocated several times since 2012. The fifth move took place only recently.

Can we stay healthy in Venlo and Frugro?


Thanks to supreme efforts of my colleagues, we can continue to do our work, albeit in a lightly altered form. During this time of unprecedented disruption, we’ve adopted measures and made alterations…

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Fresh. Spring 2020 Status Report


As you all know, the Blue Banana project is currently in full swing and occupying a large number of staff from various departments.

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