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Amphia’s new children’s clinic: A fun experience for children and a pleasant, welcoming environment for their parents.


20181107_Aartsen_Hans_IT001 (1) (1).jpgThe end of last year marked the official opening of Amphia’s impressive and innovative new hospital in Breda, featuring waiting rooms, operating theatres, consulting rooms and other facilities. The new building is also home to the Paediatrics department. Aartsen Kids Foundation (from now on referred to as AKF) and Amphia joined forces to design the new children’s clinic. The result is a clinic that offers a fun experience for children and a pleasant, welcoming environment for their parents.


AKF and Amphia: healthier together.

A heartfelt collaboration

The partnership between paediatrician Anthon Hulsmann and AKF originates from a shared desire and intrinsic motivation to make an essential contribution to the health and well-being of children. Their wish became a concrete partnership, following a strategic change by Amphia. Amphia’s new mission statement ‘healthier together’ marks a new focus on prevention. After all, prevention is better than curation. AKF fully supports this philosophy. The children’s clinic was designed to make children more aware of the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. AKF and Dr. Hulsman have done an excellent job integrating AKF’s visual power and message into the new children’s clinic.


Healthier together... with fruit and vegetables!

Amphia’s overall interior is based around the ‘city in motion’ concept, a clearly-defined visual framework that encourages people to draw conclusions from their own individual interpretations. The AKF team worked with Mannen van Rijnland – AKF’s current collaboration partner – to investigate what creative and visual concept would fit the new facility. This resulted in ‘Healthier together... with fruit and vegetables!’, a combination of the designs underlying AKF’s ‘Stoere Traktaties’ (Cool Treats) project and Amphia’s ‘city in motion’. The emphasis is on alleviating waiting time for children and offering them an opportunity to learn about fruit and vegetables in a playful setting. Six animated fruit and vegetable characters called ‘The Fruit Gang’ take the children an exploratory expedition through the world of fruits and vegetables.


From ‘seed to eat’

It is important that children feel entirely at ease when visiting a children’s clinic. Every aspect of the new facility – from the reception area to the consulting rooms – has been designed with this goal in mind. Upon entering the building, visitors see images of various fruits and vegetables being planted and harvested. These images are integrated into fun, playable games on the walls. Visitors then move on to

the reception area, where fruit and vegetables are on display in a special market stall. Here, children can play shop owner, cycle, read, enjoy colouring books and puzzles or watch interactive animations on a big screen. These interactive animations were designed by the animation agency Urrebuk to show children how fruit and vegetables travel from ‘sowing to harvest’ and from ‘seed to eat’. Other animations – starring the ‘Fruit Gang’ and Amphia staff members – explain the various steps of a typical doctor’s appointment. Finally, the actual consumption of the fruit and vegetables is depicted on appealing wall prints in the consulting rooms.


In future

Amphia and AKF are always on the lookout for new collaboration based projects. Amphia is not interested in sponsors that merely write a cheque and AKF seeks to be actively involved in the projects it supports. Hence, the play area is a wonderful result of this first collaboration between the two parties. Both organisations share multiple objectives, and are definitely open to future partnerships. Food is the basis for health, and there’s plenty of room for improvement when it comes to consumer awareness. In other words, there are plenty of new challenges left to take on.


A fresh face at AKF: Nadi Faas.

Nadi Faas joined the AKF team last September and will be serving as the foundation’s initial point of contact. Nadi is responsible for the strategic aspects and coordination of (ongoing) projects, communication between AKF and external parties, website and agenda management, invoicing and (with Aartsen’s financial director Marcel Hendriks) preparing the financial report. Nadi studied International Business, graduating with a major in cross-cultural management. During her studies, she spent a considerable amount of time in Lyon and Newcastle upon Tyne. With a keen interest in non-profits, Nadi is an excellent fit for the organisation. She is also personally driven to improve the world around her. ‘AKF felt like a perfect fit from the beginning and I am motivated to go the extra mile for this special job. AKF and I both have the same intrinsic motivation to help build a better world’, Nadi explains. ‘I want to work with AKF to help as many children as possible turn their lives around for the better. Of course, it is not about the foundation’s growth. It is about the fact that every child has the right to know how nutrition, nature, health and well-being are connected.’