Talents of Aartsen


Aartsen is full of talented individuals and every nonstopfresh magazine shines a light on one of them. This time we meet the young and energetic Mathijs Buzeijn.


Hi, I am Mathijs, member of the Aartsen IT team! 


Who are you?

fair hongkong (1).jpgI am Mathijs, 27 years old and I live together with Anne. Still in Roosendaal for now, but we will be moving into our new home in Zevenbergen shortly. I apply my talent to my work at Aartsen and my favourite sport: cycling.


What is your educational background?

I studied Commercial Economics at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda.


How long have you been working at Aartsen?

I joined Aartsen in 2017.


What brought you to Aartsen?

My girlfriend Anne works for Just in Case Communication, one of Aartsen’s ad agencies. She told me about a vacancy at Aartsen and, after several interviews, everyone was enthusiastic – me most of all. Especially because at Aartsen I had the chance (and obligation) to finish my degree. I am truly grateful to Jack for this amazing opportunity! We were on the same wavelength from day one.


You started out in the commercial department but then switched within a relatively short time. How did that come about?

That is true. After the first few months, during which I had my training and completed my degree, I was assigned to the commercial department. I spent about a year working there.


In my commercial position I was involved with Blue Banana, which demanded more and more time. We realised that it was important to have someone who could spend more time on it. At a given moment, Jack Aartsen asked me whether I would consider moving to IT. I had already thought about it, because I figured that the request would come up. To me, it was a unique opportunity to take this position at Aartsen and to push myself even more.


What is your current job?

Hans den Reijer is managing the Blue Banana project and involves himself with the content as little as possible. Meanwhile, it is important for someone within the organisation to focus on the content. That is what I do. As the application administrator, I ask colleagues about their working methods and how things will be done in the future. We gather input and arrange for the new automation system to be built. We also have to keep track of the parts that are already functioning. Together with Hans, I act as a liaison between colleagues and the system developers.


IT is completely different from commerce. Was the switch difficult?

I studied business and I do not have an IT background, but I do have a strong affinity with IT. Of course, I had to learn the lingo. Aside from that, the best way to learn is by doing. And our IT manager Hans van Meer taught me a lot as well.


What do you love about your job?

Every day is a new challenge at Aartsen, and the work is incredibly varied. When I decide to do something, I am 100% committed. I want to continue to grow at Aartsen. Achievement is important and I see plenty of opportunities. I am getting to know the organisation in a way nobody else does. In addition, I find working in a team like ours incredibly inspiring.


What would you say your ambitions are? 

fair hongkong (1).jpg​​​​​​​For now I do not need any new ambitions. The goals we have set ourselves offer me ample room for development. Of course I want work that makes me happy and allows me to contribute to the company’s returns, and that is certainly the case.


What are your strong points?

If I believe in something, I can get other people on board. For example, in the Blue Banana project I can make the connection between user and developer of an application. I am also resultsoriented and positive.


What does the Aartsen family mean to you?

It is a family business and we interact with each other in a friendly way. I was raised with the idea to always treat people fairly and to be reasonable. Consequently, the atmosphere at Aartsen suits me really well.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I love cycling. I try to do it a couple of times a week. I especially enjoy cycling for three or four hours on weekends. Preferably in a group, but sometimes by myself. In addition, I go to the gym here, and do CrossFit with Anne twice a week. Something else I like to do is going out to eat with friends or family. But I can enjoy an evening at home on the couch, too.