Nonstopfresh raises the bar daily


Aartsen is the international gateway for fresh fruit and vegetables. Day after day, the theme of nonstopfresh is what makes this possible. By now, nonstopfresh is inseparably associated with Aartsen and you can see how it is reflected down to the smallest details in the company, especially following last year’s renovations. The bar has been set high, and by working nonstopfresh, Aartsen raises the bar a little higher every day. This applies not only for Aartsen itself, but also for its partners and suppliers. 


The international gateway for fresh fruit and vegetables.


International gateway

fair hongkong (1).jpgA few years ago, Aartsen ‘marketed’ fresh fruit and vegetables. People were impressed by the dynamics and efficiency of the company. The whole process reminded Aartsen’s advertising agency of an airport, but instead of passengers, fruit and vegetables arrived from all over the world before moving on to various clients. This gave rise to the idea of an international gateway for fruit and vegetables.


Everything and everyone nonstopfresh

With so much fruit and vegetables arriving every day, you might expect a fair amount of stress and maybe a bit of a mess here and there. However, anyone who has ever visited Aartsen knows that the opposite is true. The whole place is spic and span, with everything running smoothly. Not a single box or crate is in the wrong place. It is not just about the way we work and the state in which the products are delivered – above all, nonstopfresh describes the Aartsen mentality. Nonstopfresh is the attitude of all employees when they start their working day, which ensures that all the products nonstopfresh find their way in the Benelux countries and Asia.


Nonstopfresh mentality

Nowadays, you’ll find the slogan nonstopfresh everywhere at Aartsen. It’s the ultimate brand promise in our communication, often recognisable by the label. It also reflects the idea of the international gateway and is the guiding thread for all internal and external communication. It is the basis for all Aartsen marketing campaigns, and labour market communications, as Aartsen is nonstop seeking fresh, new employees. Therefore, the campaigns challenges new staff in terms of character and mentality, asking them how nonstopfresh they are and can contribtute to Aartsen. This is what nonstopfresh has become for Aartsen: the bar.


More than a phrase

The theme is more than just a phrase. In the case of nonstopfresh, it’s not a phrase at all – it’s a concept becoming reality. It’s the mentality and the challenge for the organisation, the drive to improve daily. It motivates everyone who has a relationship with the Aartsen brand, all the way through to the architect of the new head office. After all, you can see nonstopfresh reflected in every detail there. You don’t just see it – above all else, you feel it.



fair hongkong (1).jpg