In recent years, Aartsen has developed its brand consistently and successfully. The ‘nonstopfresh’ campaign theme has been executed down to the smallest details. The high point to date was the change of name and the opening of the new head office in Breda. With these achievements, Aartsen has created the fertile soil for further growth. Not only as the Aartsen brand, but also with everyone who contributes to the success and growth of the company – from horticulturalists and growers to company staff and new talents. Together, we are now focusing on Grow, the new Aartsen campaign. How we grow a strong campaign together?


Nonstopfresh keeps on growing

Despite the new campaign, the inspiring statement ‘nonstopfresh’ will lose none of its power. It remains a guiding principle for everything Aartsen does. It is even the reason for the new campaign, because you need to keep innovating, especially when it comes to marketing and communication, and need to ensure the vitality of the nonstopfresh message. The same goes for the gateway for fresh fruit and vegetables. Aartsen will continue to describe its daily process this way. 


The new campaign does not centre on Aartsen but on the people and products. In this way, Aartsen is shifting the focus of the brand to the people, and from the process to the products and partners. All of this reflects Aartsen’s growth in different ways – because many types of growth are possible at Aartsen. 


It all begins with the partners, the horticulturalists and growers, located in different parts of the world, who grow the products. Every day, they ensure a fresh supply of all kinds of fruit and vegetables. They devote care, work and love to the growth of their producs. Aartsen also gives these things in return, by ensuring nonstopfresh growth. 

Growth in brands, marketing, opportunities and people who sell the products with corresponding care, work and love. 


The campaign brings together and merges the various types of growth at Aartsen. You can literally see how the various endeavours strengthen each other, from the growers who harvest the finest possible products to the warehouse workers who ensure the best possible presentation. All of the work we do is interlinked, creating synergy, and that is how we generate growth together. This is the basis for the new campaign and the new interpretation of nonstopfresh. GROW. 


GROW vegetables


GROW careers


GROW sales


GROW talent


GROW business


We are proud of our growers. They are at the root of our commercial growth. Their love, dedication and expertise ensure that we can offer the finest, freshest products, in the Benelux and Asia, every day. As an international gateway for fresh fruit and vegetables, we do all we can to help our partners grow as well. Aartsen has created it's Hollands Glorie brand to support our cucumber growers, giving them more turnover and a bigger market.  That is how we grow together nonstopfresh.