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Aartsen expands it's brand portfolio with IconUSA



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Aartsen expands its brand portfolio with IconUSA

The value of a brand is tremendous. This is because it gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition, to manage consumers’ expectations and to build a relationship with customers. And last 

but not least, a brand gives you an opportunity to grow. We are seeing this in practice in our own brands. 


In 2019, we added IconUSA – a brand we developed ourselves – to our extensive brand portfolio. 

Below, Derek Cheung shares several interesting insights on IconUSA with us. 


A growing range of products

The products come from the United States. There, throughout the growing season, the very best cherries, apples, pears are packaged under the IconUSA brand and shipped to Asia. We are currently working to add citrus and sweet potatoes to the IconUSA product range, so that we can export these products to both 

Asia and Europe. 


Year-round range

The growers are located in the western United States. Cherries, apples and pears come from Washington state and the grapes are grown in central California. From the more than 20 American fruit-farmers we work with, 

we have carefully ‘hand-picked’ a number of growers to package their highest-quality fruit under the IconUSA brand. The brand will 

offer cherries starting in June, grapes from July, and apples and pears beginning in September. 

Our goal is to sell IconUSA products year-round, while ensuring the customer can 

depend on a consistent high

 level of product quality. 


Giving customers what they want

Aartsen has operated in Asia for eight years and understands the demand for fruit in every market and

sub-market. Some customers are interested mainly in the flavour, for instance, while others are looking for the right colour in a given product. We provide the growers with information on these preferences, so that ultimately, we are able to give every customer what they want and make sure the right product ends up in the right place. 


Maintaining brand visibility 

52 weeks of the year will enable IconUSA to quickly build a strong reputation – and undoubtedly earn a positive response from customers as well. We are already seeing this in action, which has resulted in a premium for the growers as well.


Contributing to growth

We understand the amount of work that goes into each and every carton of fruit. In exchange for those efforts, we take the interests of our growers into account to the utmost possible degree. 


Sometimes there is a glut of fruit on the market and the same brands wind up competing with one another. With an additional brand, we can partly reduce the pressure on the market and achieve a better overall yield for the growers. A broad range of products ensures that all growers of different products can benefit from one another’s strengths. Together, we are building a strong brand. 


‘A lot of internal brainstorming went into this name. We want to establish an iconic brand, 

and that’s how we arrived at IconUSA.’ Derek Cheung