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It is cool to be happy to your core!

Happy to your core 


Through Aartsen Kids Foundation, Aartsen can make an essential contribution to children's health and sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and well-being. The foundation does so with the conviction that children have the right to know how nutrition, nature, health and well-being are interconnected. This ambition and way of thinking resulted in the idea 'it is cool to be happy to your core!' Which is what ‘stOerGelukkig’ means in Dutch! Being happy to your core or 'stOerGelukkig' is not always a matter of course for every child. AKF is happy to give children a bit of encouragement during these moments.


Origin of Aartsen Kids Foundation


Help children give their lives a positive spin. That has been Jack and Hellen Aartsen's wish from the moment that Aartsen Kids Foundation (AKF) was established in 2007. To help guide this mission, three pillars were formulated, which provides tangible evidence of AKF's solidarity with children. The foundation focuses entirely on the three pillars, which are divided into supporting projects, experience projects and general projects. 


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