Meet Dave.

Dave is nonstopfresh.


Meet Dave, Dave is nonstopfresh
I’m 23 years old, I live in Helmond and I’m in a relationship with Kim.


What do you do at Aartsen Venlo and what does this job entail?
I take care of telephone sales, trying to do as many deals as I can. I’m also involved in acquisitions. Whenever necessary, I also provide assistance in the warehouse. The time really flies by. I began as a warehouse employee, moved on to checking bananas and then stall sales before being given a chance to prove myself at this department. I’ve been here since June 2016. I’ve learned an incredible amount and gained loads of experience within a relatively short period.


What do you love about your job?
It’s so varied. Each day is different, with different deals and prices. I have to stay alert, because each situation is different. It also hinges on my contact with people, though. enjoy interacting with different types of people and like to share a laugh with them. I’m also part of a great team. Each member is totally different, which makes it a real team.


What would you say your ambitions are?
I joined Aartsen three years ago and transferred to this position more than a year and a half ago. I’m definitely ambitious, but I first want to develop fully in this position before taking on the next challenge.

Aartsen is ‘nonstopfresh’. To what extent are you nonstopfresh?
Nonstopfresh is normal for us. By that I mean that you automatically become nonstopfresh when you join Aartsen. If you don’t, you leave soon.


Your parents run a market stall. Didn’t you ever want to work for them?
Yes, my mother and father have a market stall and I’ve often thought about working for them. Of course, I used to help them on Saturdays since I was ten. I learned lots about products and the trade. But I didn’t and don’t ultimately see my future on the market.


How did you come to join Aartsen?
I used to visit Aartsen with my father in the past, so I’ve been coming here for quite a few years. Some people here have known me since I was eight. After my studies, my father tipped me off about a vacancy at Aartsen – he arranged an interview, basically. It worked out very well, because I’m still here.

How amusing are your colleagues?
There’s a lot of laughter here every day. There are times when this is less appropriate: concentration and focus are important, but there is usually plenty of room for a joke. The atmosphere is great and there’s always someone with a pointed remark. We’re pretty evenly matched – it goes back and forth.

Do you have a personal motto?
Nothing too cliché, but I try to be positive about everything. That’s why I like to try out lots of things, to learn from the experience.