We go the extra mile to make a child smile


This is what Aartsen Kids Foundation does.


Aartsen not only wants to grow the business of its suppliers, but also wants to contribute to the well-being of children. Aartsen Kids Foundation (AKF) has launched four different initiatives for children who could use a bit of positivity and encouragement. These initiatives contribute to their health, happiness and self-esteem. AKF works in partnership with primary schools and social workers, based on the same ‘nonstopfresh’ philosophy that Aartsen applies.


1. Cool Treats: the most fun and healthy teaching package for schools;

2. Children’s parties;

3. School supplies;

4. December presents.


Aartsen and Aartsen Kids Foundation are inextricably linked. That is why AKF likes to involve everyone who works for and with Aartsen. Feel free to drop by the foundation if you want to know more, or visit aartsenkidsfoundation.com


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