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Blue banana the foundation for the future


20181107_Aartsen_Hans_IT001 (1) (1).jpgBlue Banana? That’s a term that gets you thinking, right? It’s the name of a large and far-reaching project at Aartsen. We’re going to replace the existing computer system with a new system. And to make sure this process stays on course, Aartsen has appointed project manager Hans den Reijer.


Many years’ experience

Hans has over 20 years’ experience with change projects in the field of computer systems. He’s gained this experience on both the client and supplier sides of the equation. This makes him an all-rounder and gives him insight into processes which he then applies in live scenarios. After working for years as an entrepreneur and later as a project leader, Hans is now interim project manager.


Foundation for the future

‘I’m responsible for the change process at Aartsen,’ says Hans. ‘This should create more possibilities for staff and business partners. With Blue Banana we’re laying the foundation for the future. Technology is developing at dizzying speed and with a good foundation here, Aartsen can profile itself as a progressive company in technical terms too.’


Change project

‘We’re selecting a different computer system. But what’s more important, to my mind, is that we’ve started a change process. The change in this case is a big one. So it’s important for me to talk to colleagues about the results they want to achieve and not so much about how to do this. In this way we hugely increase the chance of success.’



Blue Banana is about ‘not doing what others are doing’. Steering our own course. This fits perfectly with the individual qualities of Aartsen. For years we’ve been thinking about changing the system. In early 2018 there was a plan to begin using a standard software package. This was actually the reason why Hans was recruited, but he quickly concluded that a standard package isn’t right for Aartsen. So we decided to work with Thinkwise, supplier of an innovative low-code platform for software development.


Optimum preparation

A project group has been set up to ensure an optimum result and is now making sure that the software developer gets good insight and the right input. ‘Before Thinkwise started its work, I selected a project team of six people at Aartsen to get a better idea of what we want and to decide on the right input for Thinkwise. It’s good that we took this time for optimum project preparation.’


Subproject and evaluation

It’s crucial that the development partner is a good match for Aartsen. This is why Thinkwise is starting with a subproject: FreshFuel. In this subproject they’re working on the process from buying to commission settlement. ‘This gives Thinkwise the opportunity to show that they’re the right partner,’ explains Hans. ‘After delivery of this subproject in February 2019 it will be evaluated and then we’ll decide whether Blue Banana will go ahead. If it does, then the following projects will be FreshTrade for sales and logistics and FreshAccount for Finance.’


Making things transparent

Everything needs to go live by the start of 2020, but first of all the spotlight is on FreshFuel. Aartsen wants to make things transparent. And so FreshFuel also involves creation of an online portal where shipping agents can view the status of their shipment, quality inspections, sales and invoice overviews on a 24/7 basis.