Aartsen's shining stars!


Mirror, mirror on the wall: who's the cleanest of them all? Aartsen is fresh in every possible sense. A clean shop floor, a fresh interior and tidy kitchens are the first steps on the road to success. Our dedicated team works day in, day out to make our business look perfect. They always go the extra mile to create a perfect working environment where every customer feels welcome! We are proud to introduce Aartsen's most enthusiastic and driven shining stars.



Addie van der Kolk

Addie: I worked here on my own for many years, but I was eventually joined by colleagues after the expansions and started working part-time later on. I still like coming to work at Aartsen after all these years. This work really suits my lifestyle. I'm turning 66 this year, 

so I'm close to my pension. I'll really miss it here when I stop working, but I don't want to think about that yet. Who knows, maybe I'll keep working. I've known some of my colleagues for years now, and we're practically family. When I arrive in the morning, I'm always greeted with 'Here's our sunshine', and that's really nice. Angelique and Anika are great colleagues, and we all have different strengths. I'll be honest with you, I really wouldn't want to clean someone else's house. I wouldn't do it for anyone, not even my own family.



Anika Gielen – Janssen

Anika: We really have the sense we're doing important work. Everything needs to be clean and tidy for our customers and guests. It's always nice to hear someone say everything is so clean and tidy. We know what's expected of us and it's up to us to do it well. Thankfully, it's not like there's always someone looking over your shoulder to see if you're doing everything right or working fast enough.


You do need to be flexible, because things don't always go according to schedule. Sometimes you can't work in a certain area that needs to be cleaned, or something urgent pops up. If I could choose to work somewhere else for a day, I'd choose the White House. I'd obviously do a good job cleaning, but I'd keep my eyes open while I work and check out what's happening around me.


20210112_Aartsen_NSFM_schoonmaaksters_Hong_kong001.jpgChi Kun Song

Chi Kun: I've been working at Aartsen for about eighteen months, since a good friend introduced me here. I make sure all the workplaces are clean and tidy. That makes everyone happy. Keeping your workplace clean is even more important now, with the Corona-virus. The nice thing about my job is seeing results as soon as you've finished something. 


You really need to be dedicated, flexible, reliable and detail-oriented. For example, I don't put glasses at the back of the cupboards; I make sure they're at the front so everyone can reach them. All my colleagues have their own habits and they really appreciate it if you take them into account. Would I like to work in a famous building or clean a well-known family's house? I already work for a special family: Aartsen :)












Myriam Engels – Beemster

Myriam: I used to work in the catering industry. Hospitality is all about taking care of people, and that's basically what I do here too. I really enjoy working with Sonja: we're a great team. If something extra needs to be done, we always do it together. There's always something to do, even if no one else spots it. I once stood on a cherry picker in the warehouse. You get to see everything from a different perspective, and the platform helps you reach places that normally don't get cleaned. 


It's a real all-round job. For example, I also take care of the plants. It's really satisfying, and I love doing it. If I would like to clean any particular famous building or work for a well-known family? I wouldn't mind working at the Royal Palace and cleaning the princesses' rooms for a day.


Sonja Huijskens – Antonissen

Sonja: I obviously enjoy cleaning things. I have a real sense of satisfaction at the end of the working day. We have a lot of individual responsibility and no one tells us what to do. You will immediately notice that everything is spic and span when you enter the grounds 

at Aartsen, and we make sure things are also clean and tidy inside. We want to make everything look great for our colleagues, customers and guests. 


I always love it when people who visit a lot of companies tell me Aartsen is the cleanest and tidiest place they've ever seen. That's what it's all about in the end. You need to be able to work independently in order to do our job. You also need the ability to notice something needs doing before others do.


Jackie Axer

Jackie: I've worked in all sorts of places, like De Koepel prison and several hospitals. Still, I like it here at Aartsen more. You get to have fun and laugh with your colleagues, and there's music playing all day. I always try to make my colleagues' life easier, so they can focus on their job. I try to give everyone the support they need. 


Other than that, it's obviously nice if people don't mess things up. It's my responsibility to say something if they make mistakes. The warehouse has to be in tip top condition. It's packed with fruit and vegetables, so it really needs to be clean. I always feel satisfied 

when everything is really tidy and people can practically eat off the floor.  


Angelique Geraedts – Peeters

Angelique: We don't go home until everything is clean. We basically do everything: from scrubbing to clearing out the dishwashers. We also clean the warehouse on Fridays. My colleagues and I always make sure everything is extra clean. That's really important here 

at Aartsen. 


I enjoy coming to work at Aartsen. I like the fact that you always know exactly what you're supposed to be doing. If something unexpected happens, we just deal with it. They really give us a lot of freedom to do things our way, and I enjoy the work. You know what you couldn't get away with here? There's no way you could come to work in high heels wearing nail polish - it just wouldn't work. Not that I want to anyway. A special location I'd like to work at? I guess I wouldn't mind spending a day at the Palace working for King Willem-Alexander.