nonstopfresh 杂志


nonstopfresh 是一份 Aartsen 出版的展现公司风采的杂志。杂志刊登关于 Aartsen 日常活动的文章,例如:关于员工、客户以及 Aartsen 新品牌推广的文章。不过,其他各种有趣的话题同样列在其中。

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We are Family!


According to an old Dutch saying, ‘It is a good child who takes after his father.’ In other words, children who do things the way their father does. Such a nice sentiment. The saying applies to certain Aartsen employees, too, since there are a number of men working here who are not only colleagues but also father and son. We would like to introduce you to eight of them in this issue.

Careers at Aartsen


Where do you want to work? Here, that’s were! As Aartsen is experiencing huge growth, the company is constantly looking for employees who are ambitious, committed and fit in with the company culture.…

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Blue banana the foundation for the future


Blue Banana? That’s a term that gets you thinking, right? It’s the name of a large and far-reaching project at Aartsen. We’re going to replace the existing computer system with a new system. And to…