Aartsen goes on without fruit, but continues to grow as a family


Breda, 15th June 2019 – As of today the international gateway for fresh fruit and vegetables will continue to exist as Aartsen. For a while, everyone believed Aartsen would stop marketing fruit, but it is the name Aartsen that guarantees growth. And so Aartsen has a good reason to reveal the new name, as well as the completely modernised and expanded headquarters in the city of Breda.  




I am proud we finally get to share the news. Our new name and new headquarters. This is what ‘nonstop fresh’ is all about … continuing to develop and modernise. We’re always on the move, and will never stop changing Aartsen’s future for the better.” Jack Aartsen, CEO Aartsen


Aartsen embraces the future 

Changing the company name in Aartsen was a conscious choice for the future of our company. Obviously, the name aartsenfruit covered only half our activities, but even more importantly: Aartsen is a real family business and as of today, our staff members too may proudly say: My name is Aartsen. Internationally speaking, family businesses have a healthy, reliable reputation and Aartsen is no exception. Particularly in Asia where Aartsen is represented in Hong Kong, trust grows by changing the company name Aartsenfruit in the family name Aartsen. And by deciding to get fruit out of the company name, after more than a century, Aartsen is finally honouring vegetables.  


New headquarters in Breda

With this new name, Aartsen also introduces its new headquarters in the city of Breda. What once began as a farm, today now is a modern main office, representing everything Aartsen cares about. The building is light, transparent and welcoming. It makes a perfect international gateway, but without the hustle and bustle. Visitors are personally welcomed to the so-called flight board and they may check into the open entrance. Just like the name Aartsen, the new headquarters main office are is designed to meet Aartsen’s future and growth. 


About Aartsen

With Aartsen, the company has decided to go back to its roots and the name of its founder Jan Aartsen. In 1907, he started with a fruit and vegetable cart to deliver fresh products in Breda. And when it comes to fresh, Aartsen promises its products are the freshest of them all. With settlings in Breda, Venlo, St. Katelijne-Waver and Hong Kong, Aartsen makes the prefect gateway for fresh fruit and vegetables (also see the nonstopfresh facts). For instance, Aartsen is marketing 25 million boxes of fruits and vegetables every year on behalf of 650 different producers worldwide. There are 200 employees, working at four locations, representing 3,500 m2 of office space and 30,000 m2 of warehouses.