nonstopfresh 杂志


nonstopfresh 是一份 Aartsen 出版的展现公司风采的杂志。杂志刊登关于 Aartsen 日常活动的文章,例如:关于员工、客户以及 Aartsen 新品牌推广的文章。不过,其他各种有趣的话题同样列在其中。

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Aartsen thinks out of the box at Asia Fruit Logistica


Aartsen Fruit and Vegetables will join the 2019 Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong from september 4th till september 6th with an enormous fruit box. The fair stand is made out of carton. Inside you will find a huge bar and you can learn everything about the Aartsen experience. Aartsen used this opportunity to translate the successful ‘nonstopfresh’ campaign, run by Aartsen since 2015, in a striking, distinctive way.

Aartsen goes on without fruit, but continues to grow as a family


As of today the international gateway for fresh fruit and vegetables will continue to exist as Aartsen. For a while, everyone believed Aartsen would stop marketing fruit, but it is the name Aartsen…


On track for the next phase


There are plenty of good reasons for sitting down with Jack Aartsen at the impressive wooden table in his office. Firstly, there is his company’s name change: as of today, it is Aartsen. Secondly, the…