October '23

nonstopfresh magazine


nonstopfresh is a magazine published by Aartsen that reflects our corporate identity. It features articles about the daily goings-on at Aartsen, such as items about our staff, our clients and the introduction of new Aartsen brands. However, all kinds of other interesting subjects are also discussed here.

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Aartsen Kids Foundation gives every child a memorable St. Nicholas feast


Every child deserves warm memories of good times and gifts during the St. Nicholas feast. Aartsen Kids Foundation (AKF) want to help parents who have trouble making ends meet to indulge their kids on December the 5th. - St. Nicholas – a day traditionally celebrated by families across the Netherlands with sweet treats and gifts. The St. Nicholas Project was established to ensure 'St. Nicholas' visits these children too, so they can go to school the next day with a present in their hand and a smile on their face.

Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia travel report


Leo van der Giesen and Marc Dikmans travelled to Central and South America in mid-May to visit local partners and explore potential new opportunities for Aartsen. This occasion marked the first time…

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Typical Aartsen


What is typical Aartsen? How does this family business stand out from the pack? In a series of articles entitled ‘Typical Aartsen’, we take a closer look at the characteristics of the company. In…

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