October '23

nonstopfresh magazine


nonstopfresh is a magazine published by Aartsen that reflects our corporate identity. It features articles about the daily goings-on at Aartsen, such as items about our staff, our clients and the introduction of new Aartsen brands. However, all kinds of other interesting subjects are also discussed here.

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Nonstopfresh raises the bar daily


Aartsen is the international gateway for fresh fruit and vegetables. Day after day, the theme of nonstopfresh is what makes this possible. By now, nonstopfresh is inseparably associated with Aartsen and you can see how it is reflected down to the smallest details in the company, especially following last year’s renovations. The bar has been set high, and by working nonstopfresh, Aartsen raises the bar a little higher every day. This applies not only for Aartsen itself, but also for its partners and suppliers. 

Discussing Blue Banana in the living room


Blue Banana has taken off. FreshFuel went live in late 2019, following the automation of all communication with shipping agents. In the meantime, Aartsen is also working on developing a digital portal…

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Aartsen Kids Foundation


Amphia’s new children’s clinic: A fun experience for children and a pleasant, welcoming environment for their parents. The end of last year marked the official opening of Amphia’s impressive and…

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