July '22

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nonstopfresh is a magazine published by Aartsen that reflects our corporate identity. It features articles about the daily goings-on at Aartsen, such as items about our staff, our clients and the introduction of new Aartsen brands. However, all kinds of other interesting subjects are also discussed here.

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A real milestone for Aartsen Kids Foundation: ‘15 years of AKF and it’s still growing’


What could be more rewarding than making a child’s dreams come true? Doing something that helps others and that really makes a difference? To celebrate the centenary of Aartsen in 2007, Hellen Aartsen (53) launched the Aartsen Kids Foundation. Not knowing that now, 15 years later, it would still be such a huge success.

Sandra de Rooij: she brightens up the room


You can follow all kinds of life coaches and read self-help books to try to find happiness. But you can also trust in the power of your smile. Because when you smile, your body releases more happiness…

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Stefan Duyf: ‘As a coach and a People Manager, you need to know where everyone is in the game’


Stefan Duyf (39) has taken on the role of People Manager at Aartsen since 1 February. He lives in Berkel-Enschot with his wife and 2.5-year-old twins, in an old farm that has finally reached the last…

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