Fresh Asia



Aartsen’s revolutionary ERP system goes Asia


After achieving remarkable success in Europe, Aartsen is now set to revolutionize the Asian market with their in-house developed system, Fresh. The highly anticipated implementation is about to kickstart, promising to deliver the same exceptional results that Fresh has already demonstrated in Europe.


Youri, the distribution and strategy expert for China at Aartsen Asia, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "we are ready to seize this opportunity and introduce all the remarkable improvements that Fresh has proven to deliver in Europe’’.


“Since the start of our site in Hong Kong, more than 10 years ago, we have seen exponential growth in our Asian operations, bringing new challenges along the way. To achieve our ambitious objectives in the coming years, we are developing methods to keep improving our business and provide the best possible service to our partners.’’


In the coming months, Aartsen will be refining and optimizing the Fresh system specifically for their Hong Kong office. Thierry, our colleague from the Netherlands, who is in the lead for the Fresh Asia project group, visited the Asian office to gain firsthand knowledge of their current processes and systems. These insights will be translated into a more efficient and streamlined system, setting the stage for a game-changing transformation.


Fresh will become the central hub for all logistical, commercial, and financial matters.


The innovative features of Fresh will empower Aartsen to provide their partners with unparalleled information. From order updates to regular shipment summaries and updated ETA notifications in case of delays, Fresh ensures partners are always in the loop. Additionally, a dedicated portal is another wish for the future, which will offer plenty of insights.


We are all excited to bring this project into reality and share the innovative features it will have.


"The innovative features of Fresh will empower Aartsen to provide their partners with unparalleled information."


Sales driven

A centralized system organizes commercial data, simplifying supply and demand visibility and enabling faster and better deals.


User friendly

Present high-level information and deep-dive details with intuitive navigation for a user-friendly experience.


Clear & insightful

Streamline supply, demand and order information with dynamic status updates for clear insights. Enable easy adjustments and updates by commercial and backoffice teams.



Access the system anytime, anywhere with the mobile- friendly Universal GUI on PC, tablet or phone. Ensure key information and processes are always available on your preferred device.



Cut double work, automate updates. Potentially in the future, integrate with MarineTraffic for real-time data, generate accurate documents, collaborate with vendors for PDF extraction.

Optimize processes with automation.



Unveil critical actions with priority. Deadline triggers ensure timely task ownership for responsible individuals. Gain clear insights into required actions.