Our control tower in Breda


From its modern head office in Breda, Aartsen runs the entire organization. Management, IT, finance, HR, sales, import department, logistics and marketing are alle managed from here. Our board of directors consists of CEO Jack Aartsen, COO Jasper van der Sandt, CFO Marcel Hendriks and CCO Menno van Breemen.

Nonstopfresh since 1907


We are extremely proud of the story you have before you. It all began over 100 years ago in Breda. These days, Aartsen has become a truly international company with branches and partners in every corner of the globe. Aartsen is a real family business, with the fourth generation currently at its helm.

Our history



Aartsen has 3 branches in the Benelux, 2 of which are in the Netherlands (Breda and Venlo) and 1 in Belgium (St. Katelijne-Waver).

Our approach


The head office is housed in a monumental farm with a modern sales pavilion. Aartsen Breda now also has a fully air-conditioned warehouse measuring over 15,000 m², together with banana-ripening facilities.


The branch in Venlo is our main gateway to the eastern and southern regions of the Netherlands and the German Ruhrgebied. Aartsen Venlo now has a fully air-conditioned warehouse measuring 10.000 m², including a wholesale facility.


St. Katelijne-Waver

Our branch in St. Katelijne-Waver is very strategically located, next to Europe's largest auction house in the heart of Belgium and the Benelux. This gives Aartsen a wholesale facility and 5,000 m² of air-conditioned warehouse space to serve its clients in this region.



We serve the Asian continent from our branch in Hong Kong, which employs local people. 

Our approach

Hong Kong

Our main international gateway in Asia.


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Aartsen is proud of its network of global partners. Day in and day out, they entrust Aartsen with their fruit and vegetables. The produce arrives at Aartsen by land, sea and air, and is then shipped out to customers far and wide. The trust in Aartsen is based on a strong reputation. We have a wide-ranging brand portfolio and pay a great deal of attention to branding, presentation and marketing.

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Our quality labels


Nonstopfresh is our quality label, a promise we uphold on a daily basis thanks to our extensive certification.


• AEO certificate

IFS Broker certificate Breda

IFS Logistics certificate Breda

IFS Logistics certificate Venlo

IFS Logistics certificate Frugro

• BIO certificate Breda

• BIO certificate Venlo

• BIO certificate Frugro