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nonstopfresh 是一份 Aartsen 出版的展现公司风采的杂志。杂志刊登关于 Aartsen 日常活动的文章,例如:关于员工、客户以及 Aartsen 新品牌推广的文章。不过,其他各种有趣的话题同样列在其中。

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Prepare children for the ‘big wide world’


Stoere Traktaties (Cool Treats), the initiative of the Aartsen Kids Foundation (AKF), is going extremely well. There was room for 30 classes from the Breda region and the foundation received these applications in no time at all. As a result of this success, AKF has started examining the possibilities for expanding the initiative to include children in groups seven and eight (ages 10–12). To prepare them for the ‘big wide world’, secondary school.

Menno van Breemen has been Managing Director of Aartsen Asia in Hong Kong since 2012


The great city of Breda: who in Asia isn’t familiar with it? Quite a few people, unfortunately. This column shares a few insights on our city. Breda can be viewed as the birthplace of Aartsen. This is…

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