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Careers at Aartsen


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As Aartsen is experiencing huge growth, the company is constantly looking for employees who are ambitious, committed and fit in with the company culture. We met up with Milou Knevels and Bart van den Beukel to talk about working at Aartsen.


About Milou and Bart

Milou works as a management assistant in the HR and Operations department: ‘I assist Frank van der Velden with Operations, which also includes Human Resources tasks. My duties are highly varied and I focus on numerous HR aspects. I also provide support to Operations regarding such matters as the quality policy.’ Bart is an HR officer: ‘Together with Milou, I work on all kinds of staff-related matters with a particular focus on recruitment. Which people do we need? Where and how do we find these people?’


A constant demand for new staff

‘Staff turnover is very low,’ says Milou, ‘so growth is the main reason we are constantly looking for new people. We do this in various ways. We use adverts and posters, ask employees whether they know any potential new staff and we also use social media. In addition, we present Aartsen at job fairs and recently also made a film which paints a personal picture of Aartsen. It really shows who you will be working with.’


Much to offer

‘It goes without saying that we offer excellent conditions of employment. We also offer jobs with a great deal of variety and opportunities for advancement. When we have vacancies, we always look first to see whether any of our existing staff could progress further up the career ladder. We invest in people by providing courses and training and our staff is really appreciated for their work,’ says Milou. Bart continues: ‘there is little hierarchy within Aartsen and the atmosphere is informal. It’s a family business, which is really apparent from the family feeling within the company.’


Induction programme

New Aartsen employees undergo a thorough induction. Employees who have settled in well, enjoy their work more and also feel more confident. A good induction is obviously also important for the continuity of the day-to-day activities. Our comprehensive induction programme is tailored to the new employee’s role, which is also a kind of investment.


Giving 100%

According to Bart and Milou, it’s not easy to find good people.

Bart: ‘we look for people with character and discipline who really want to give it everything they’ve got. Early birds too, because in our sector we start early and work long days. It doesn’t matter at all if candidates don’t know much about the products, because we teach people everything they need to know. It’s very important for people to get on well with their colleagues and to genuinely be team players.’ Milou adds: ‘when we receive job applications, we always check to see whether the candidate would fit in with the group. There is a family atmosphere here and we want to keep it that way. Character and attitude are very important. You’ll either be a good fit for Aartsen, or you won’t. We’re disciplined, respect each other, have fun and make sure that everything is well organised. If you feel at home in this culture, Aartsen is a great place for you to work.’


Fun, energy and a family feeling

We also asked Milou and Bart what working at Aartsen means to them. Milou: ‘to me, it means lots of challenges and lots of fun. I have to sort out many things every day, and I really enjoy it. We do everything we can for our present and future colleagues, and we do it as well as possible. It gives me plenty of energy.’ Bart is enthusiastic too: ‘partly because of the sector we work in, Aartsen really is different from other companies. We work very intensively and there’s always a challenge. We have an extremely diverse workforce and the people we recruit are a mixed bunch as well. Nevertheless, everyone becomes part of the family and there really is a family feeling here.
You can find that same feeling at all of our locations.’